Rise of the Runelords

The Glassworks

After seeing the note that Ameiko was to meet Tsuto at the Glassworks at midnight the previous evening, the party decides that it is the logical place to begin looking for clues.
As they approach the building, they notice a suspicious amount of activity happening inside, even though it’s posted that the building is closed. Deciding to investigate closer, Manchufu goes on top of the roof while the rest of the party enters through the front door. After a bit of wandering around inside, they hear Goblin voices in back and the sound of lots of activity.
As they enter the back room, they see the Goblins are mutilating the corpses of the Glasshouse employees, while the body of Lonjiku lies in the middle of the workspace, completely covered in glass.
Deciding to dispatch these Goblins for their heinous deeds, they swiftly begin cutting them down. After a handful of them have been killed, one of the smarter Goblins runs and gets his master – Tsuto.
Tsuto in a rage attacks the party, doing a bit of damage, but quickly falling prey to concentrated attacks decides to make a run for it. He almost manages to escape but is quickly captured and then subdued.
After capturing Tsuto, the party finds and rescues Ameiko who is in one of the lower levels. Fixing her injuries, the question her about what happened. She reveals to them that she was told by her brother that he was responsible for blackmailing their father into helping the Goblins to gain access to the city of Sandpoint during the recent attack. She doesn’t know what exactly caused her brother to hate her father so violently, but after seeing what Tsuto had done to him, and hearing that he was the one leading the Goblins, she refused his offer to join him. That answer enraged Tsuto, who had his Goblin cronies beat Ameiko into unconsciousness.
While some of the party stays with Ameiko, comforting her in the loss of her father, the others find Tsuto’s diaries. They explain that Tsuto’s hatred of his father was a result of his suspicions that Lonjiku killed his mother during a heated argument related to her infidelity years before. The diaries further explain that Tsuto was doing everything to try and earn the love of a woman named Nualia. He planned on visiting her at a location called Thistletop, after completing his tasks in Sandpoint.
By far the most ominous thing the party learns from his diaries, is that the recent attack on Sandpoint, was just the first and the smallest attack planned for the city.
Deciding that the protection of the city requires them to try and stop any further attacks before they start, they head to Thistletop.


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