Rise of the Runelords

Journey to Thistletop

After getting a few supplies, the party leaves town, headed towards Thistletop. Forewarned by Shalelu that Thistletop is the home of a large band of Goblins, the party attitude is determined, but wary.
As they journey they are ambushed by an Ettercap and his Giant Spider companions. Making short work of them, and taking trophies from the various body parts of their enemies, they quickly resume their journey. Arriving just outside Thistletop, they find their way blocked by a massive wall of brambles.
Their Survival skills quickly show them that this is used by a small number of Goblins as a nest and they quickly spot an entrance into their lair. Cautiously investigating, the come across a group of 10 or so Goblins. Taking them by surprise they rapidly overwhelm the small force. Stealthily moving through the rest of the brambles, they come across a Goblin Druid, his Leopard familiar, and few other Goblins.
Without a word, they Command the Goblin to approach them and then Bullrush him into a hole in the floor. After knocking him in and hearing a splash a few seconds later, they begin to work on the rest of their enemies. Once all but one have been eliminated, they take him over to the hole and begin to question him about the surrounding environment. The terrified, bloody Goblin answers their questions, explaining that the brambles are where the weaker and less desirable Goblins live. Enemies of Chief Ripnugget are exiled from Thistletop proper to live in the brambles, and those especially irritating to him, are kicked down the “Howling Hole” to be fed to monstrous creature below. Inquiring after any treasure or valuables in the area, they Goblin just shakes his head and says that Gogmurt, the Goblin they already kicked down the hole is the only one who has anything of value.
Hearing this they party tries to lower Devok, via rope, down into the hole. After getting down approximately halfway, he sees the waters begin thrashing beneath him and since he can’t spot the Druid they are seeking, he has them quickly pull him up.
Deciding they can’t learn anything more from the captured Goblin, they send the party members more likely to have a strict sense of right and wrong over to another room to check out a noise that the rest of them “heard”. When the goody-two-shoes members come back, they quickly learn that despite the best efforts of the rest of the party, the Goblin managed to untie himself, stab himself in the back, and accidentally trip up and over the waist high wall, into the Howling Hole before anyone was able to stop him.
After a moment of silence for the unfortunate Goblin, which to others may have appeared to be looting the other bodies, the party heals themselves somewhat, and stares from the top of the cliff they stand on, across the crashing breakers to the island where Thistletop lies waiting….


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