Campaign Settings

There’s a few things we won’t have in our games, to make it enjoyable all around. Basically keeping it pretty PG rated games. (No RP-ing “brothel visits” or demon summons, and things like that)

Ability Scores Generated by rolling 4d6 and removing lowest dice, after 6 values are created, the player assigns them as desired when creating their character.

Max HP for at least 1st level.

If PC dies, can come back as either average party level -1 or average party level, but completely different – if you were an elf wizard before, you can’t be an elf or a wizard with the new pc.

Item buying – Each town/settlement has a base value for selling items and purchase limit. There is a 75% chance of finding whatever item you want at or under that base value, and you can sell any item (at 1/2 cost) for up to the settlement’s selling limit. Purchasing/crafting items above the base value may be arranged in some cases, by having the NPC “send out” to have it crafted/delivered.

Any other suggestions, let me know.

Campaign Settings

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