Rise of the Runelords

Journey to Thistletop

After getting a few supplies, the party leaves town, headed towards Thistletop. Forewarned by Shalelu that Thistletop is the home of a large band of Goblins, the party attitude is determined, but wary.
As they journey they are ambushed by an Ettercap and his Giant Spider companions. Making short work of them, and taking trophies from the various body parts of their enemies, they quickly resume their journey. Arriving just outside Thistletop, they find their way blocked by a massive wall of brambles.
Their Survival skills quickly show them that this is used by a small number of Goblins as a nest and they quickly spot an entrance into their lair. Cautiously investigating, the come across a group of 10 or so Goblins. Taking them by surprise they rapidly overwhelm the small force. Stealthily moving through the rest of the brambles, they come across a Goblin Druid, his Leopard familiar, and few other Goblins.
Without a word, they Command the Goblin to approach them and then Bullrush him into a hole in the floor. After knocking him in and hearing a splash a few seconds later, they begin to work on the rest of their enemies. Once all but one have been eliminated, they take him over to the hole and begin to question him about the surrounding environment. The terrified, bloody Goblin answers their questions, explaining that the brambles are where the weaker and less desirable Goblins live. Enemies of Chief Ripnugget are exiled from Thistletop proper to live in the brambles, and those especially irritating to him, are kicked down the “Howling Hole” to be fed to monstrous creature below. Inquiring after any treasure or valuables in the area, they Goblin just shakes his head and says that Gogmurt, the Goblin they already kicked down the hole is the only one who has anything of value.
Hearing this they party tries to lower Devok, via rope, down into the hole. After getting down approximately halfway, he sees the waters begin thrashing beneath him and since he can’t spot the Druid they are seeking, he has them quickly pull him up.
Deciding they can’t learn anything more from the captured Goblin, they send the party members more likely to have a strict sense of right and wrong over to another room to check out a noise that the rest of them “heard”. When the goody-two-shoes members come back, they quickly learn that despite the best efforts of the rest of the party, the Goblin managed to untie himself, stab himself in the back, and accidentally trip up and over the waist high wall, into the Howling Hole before anyone was able to stop him.
After a moment of silence for the unfortunate Goblin, which to others may have appeared to be looting the other bodies, the party heals themselves somewhat, and stares from the top of the cliff they stand on, across the crashing breakers to the island where Thistletop lies waiting….

The Glassworks

After seeing the note that Ameiko was to meet Tsuto at the Glassworks at midnight the previous evening, the party decides that it is the logical place to begin looking for clues.
As they approach the building, they notice a suspicious amount of activity happening inside, even though it’s posted that the building is closed. Deciding to investigate closer, Manchufu goes on top of the roof while the rest of the party enters through the front door. After a bit of wandering around inside, they hear Goblin voices in back and the sound of lots of activity.
As they enter the back room, they see the Goblins are mutilating the corpses of the Glasshouse employees, while the body of Lonjiku lies in the middle of the workspace, completely covered in glass.
Deciding to dispatch these Goblins for their heinous deeds, they swiftly begin cutting them down. After a handful of them have been killed, one of the smarter Goblins runs and gets his master – Tsuto.
Tsuto in a rage attacks the party, doing a bit of damage, but quickly falling prey to concentrated attacks decides to make a run for it. He almost manages to escape but is quickly captured and then subdued.
After capturing Tsuto, the party finds and rescues Ameiko who is in one of the lower levels. Fixing her injuries, the question her about what happened. She reveals to them that she was told by her brother that he was responsible for blackmailing their father into helping the Goblins to gain access to the city of Sandpoint during the recent attack. She doesn’t know what exactly caused her brother to hate her father so violently, but after seeing what Tsuto had done to him, and hearing that he was the one leading the Goblins, she refused his offer to join him. That answer enraged Tsuto, who had his Goblin cronies beat Ameiko into unconsciousness.
While some of the party stays with Ameiko, comforting her in the loss of her father, the others find Tsuto’s diaries. They explain that Tsuto’s hatred of his father was a result of his suspicions that Lonjiku killed his mother during a heated argument related to her infidelity years before. The diaries further explain that Tsuto was doing everything to try and earn the love of a woman named Nualia. He planned on visiting her at a location called Thistletop, after completing his tasks in Sandpoint.
By far the most ominous thing the party learns from his diaries, is that the recent attack on Sandpoint, was just the first and the smallest attack planned for the city.
Deciding that the protection of the city requires them to try and stop any further attacks before they start, they head to Thistletop.

Local Heroes

After hearing a cry for help, the party decides to follow the sound to the Northeast. They come across a noble being attacked by goblins, including a goblin dog rider – who have just killed the noble’s servant and horse. As he cowers behind a barrel, the noble shouts for help. The party charges to his rescue and is joined by a cleric to wipe out the goblins. Although the party took some wounds and even developed a serious rash from the goblin dog bites, the cleric easily channels the positive energy of his deity and heals their wounds. The grateful noble introduces himself as Aldern Foxglove and thanks the party, recognizing some of them as having been in the Decathlon earlier in the day. He gushes his thanks and admiration to them and offers them a reward if they find him later at the Rusty Dragon where he’s staying while he’s in town.
At this point, the town has the situation coming back under control with the goblin attack. The sheriff informs them that the goblins they interrogated have mentioned that they were organized by a human to attack the city. That the few goblins, last seen fleeing back to the East will no doubt be a problem in the future.
The mayor offers her gratitude and hands the participants of the decathlon, their ribbons for sportsmanship and after apologizing that she couldn’t hand them out before the ceremony was interrupted, she remarks that it’s good to have such brave people in their city, and if anything should come up, she will most likely call on them for help.
Deciding to make a short patrol, walking through Sandpoint, accepting the thanks of a grateful townspeople, the heroes are pleasantly surprised at how quickly the word has spread of their accomplishments. On every street they come to, people are shouting their thanks, shaking their hands, and offering treats and trinkets of all sorts. The young girls blush and blow kisses, as well as a few of the guys.
After resting for the night, to recover from their previous fighting throughout the day, the party does some investigating here and there, meeting a few of the townspeople and purchasing a few weapons from the shopkeepers as the city slowly comes back to life.
All seems to be going well, when suddenly the sheriff seeks them out for a bit of help with investigating something odd at the grave of the former priest Ezakien Tobyn and his daughter Nualia. Acting on a hunch, the cleric casts his senses out and detects 2 undead creatures within the tomb. Preparing their weapons, the party enters the tomb to find 2 skeletons. After dispatching them and finding only a spent Robe of Bones, and footprints of goblins and 1 human, the party reports their findings back to the sheriff.
Sheriff Hemlock theorizes that this issue may be related to the goblin attack as the goblins stated a human was organizing them, and finding human tracks in the cave seems to be too much of a coincidence. The party asks for the best person to talk to about finding the goblins that may have been involved in the attack. Unfortunately, the sheriff says, the best contact is his scout that’s out of town, but due back in a few days.
While they waited for the scout, they decide to visit the Aldern in order to collect their reward. When they meet with Aldern he rewards them all with 50Gold pieces, and invites them to go on a Boar Hunt with them in the nearby Tickwood Forest. They defer the offer, citing the need to do a bit more looking around the town. Aldern doesn’t take it personally as he is too happy to brag to everybody else at the Rusty Dragon, that he personally knows the local heroes. He does keep his offer open though, if the Adventurers have the time later.
The next day, after looking around the town some more, they are approached by a local woman – Amele Barret, asking for their help. It seems that her son Aeren has been having nightmares about a monster in his closet since the town was attacked. Not believing him, her husband Alergast told him to toughen up or else he’d be sleeping in the shed. After a whole night of crying, suddenly the family dog begins barking and runs into the room. Alergast fed up with all the noise, heads into his sons room, and finds little Aeren with bite marks on his arms. Calling for Amele to take her son and the baby Verah, outside, he heads begins to investigate. The last thing Amele remembers hearing is the sound of struggle and the dogs barking suddenly changed to a sharp yelp, which is quickly cut short. The rest is a blur as she ran to find the party of adventurers who bravely defended the city and seek their help.
The adventurers come to the front of the house finding it eerily quiet. After investigating all the rooms, they make their way to little Aeren’s room. In there they can only see a dog, lying on its side, with a make-shift knife firmly lodged in its ear and the body of a man, on his stomach, with the top half of his body laying inside the closet. It can be no other than Alergast.
As they open the door to the closet, nothing appears amiss at first. It’s not until they pull him all the way out that they realize that the skin on the top half of his torso and all of his face has been completely chewed off. Before the shock of can register though, out jumps a goblin from a hole in the floor of the closet that had been blocked and begins to attack the party.
Deciding to subdue, but not kill the goblin, the party struggles for a bit until they finally render him unconscious. After binding him, the party revives the goblin and begins to interrogate him closely. He has limited knowledge that he can share. His name is Gresgurt. He got separated from the rest of the goblin raiding party as they were being driven out of the city and decided to enter and look for a place to hide. At first hiding in the closet, he found a few loose boards and eventually pried them up until he could get through the floor and hide out under the house. After starting to get hungry, he thought he considered attacking the boy, but every time he did the parents came into the room and drove him back into his hole. It wasn’t until his hunger overcame his caution that he actually began chewing on the little boy. Once the dog came into the room and started attracting attention, he stabbed it before scrambling back into his hole to wait it out. Only this time he was surprised by Alergast reaching through the hole to grab him, only to get stuck. Sensing his opportunity, Gresgurt attacked Alergast and once enough damage had been done he suddenly had a fresh food source right in front of him. After gorging himself, he laid down to rest, awaking once the adventurers came in.
All he can tell them about the attack was that it was organized by a human who has visited their lair many times. He never knew his name, but only heard that the human was from the city and had access to wherever he operated out of, from the coast.
The party splits up at this point, and Manchufu volunteers to handle transporting the prisoner to the Sandpoint Garrison, and agree to meet back at the Rusty Dragon.
Since it’s still early in the day, they ask Aldern if his offer of the Boar Hunt is still open. He readily agrees and after buying each member their own mount, they take off for the Tickwood Forest. After a short ride, filled mostly with Aldern professing his admiration for the party, especially for Tobbie who has really impressed him for both is bravery in saving his life, but also for his sports prowess, they finally come across a couple boar. After a short battle which sees the boar taken down quite handily, Aldern has to express his amazement how everyone handled themselves, especially as he was unable to land a single blow. But again (as he’s proud to admit), it was Tobbie’s performance that really shined. Being the only one to stay mounted for the entire combat! As they all travel back with their boar, butchered and ready for cooking, Aldern constantly replays the entire combat, detail for detail, wistfully mentioning that if it weren’t for his obligations to his family’s estate, he’d love to be an adventurer as well.
Finally, the group arrives back at the Rusty Dragon and Aldern hands the meat off to Ameiko to prepare for them to eat. And begins telling his story all over again, mentioning over and over again how “these new friends of mine” were able to perform so amazingly well. As he is recounting the story yet again, suddenly the front door of the inn slams open.
An elderly gentleman walks in, yelling in a language that the party does not understand. The old man begins to yell the same thing again, when he suddenly notices the party of heroes. As he walks over to them, he tells them how much danger they put the city in and that they should leave immediately.
As he begins berating the party, suddenly Ameiko steps out from the back and asks in Common, “Father, what do you want?” An argument develops as he explains that running an inn is no business for his daughter to be involved in and she must leave with him immediately. She refuses and he begins pulling her roughly by the arm toward the door. At this point the party intervenes and tells him to let her go. He refuses and tells them to mind their own business. After wrenching Ameiko’s arm yet again, Lonjiku strides purposefully toward the door. Suddenly, Ameiko takes her soup ladle and hits her father on the side of the head, splattering stew all over his fine clothes.
Humiliated, Lonjiku fumes and tells Ameiko “You’re as dead to me as your mother” and storms out of the inn. Ameiko thanks the party for their help and extends their free room and board for another week. It’s not long before everyone in the inn is back to talking and after Aldern offers a toast to the heroes or as he puts it “My good friends” everyone cheers and conversations return to normal.
After resting another night, the party is out on the town again, a few of them adding the boar tusks they convinced Aldern to let them have, to their armor and weapons. About this time the sheriff comes looking for them and introduces the scout they’ve been waiting on – Shalelu Andosana.
Her news is not good. All along the Lost Coast (particularly between Nettlewood and Mosswood goblins have been making trouble. Burning down a farm, harassing the populace more than usual, and most disturbingly of all – working together. As she says “Goblin tribes don’t get along unless they’ve got something big planned, and big plans require big bosses”.
After this news, the sheriff announces that he’s taking a few of his guards south to Magnimar to see about securing some addition soldiers to station at Sandpoint for a few weeks. While he’s gone, he asks the party to stay in town and maintain a public presence while he’s gone. Since the locals like the party and feel confident that they can protect them, he asks for their help. The sheriff then asks Shalelu to scout around Shank’s Wood, Brinestump, Mosswood, Devil’s Platter and the other places where goblins live to see if she can discover anything else about what’s going on.
Once the meeting is over, Shalelu asks the party to join her for Dinner at the Rusty Dragon both for her to hear about the recent attack, and to give them any knowledge she can about goblin lore.
Just as the party gets ready once more to patrol the city, they are approached by Bethana Corwin who works for Ameiko Kaijitsu at the Rusty Dragon. She’s upset and announces that her employer has gone missing. She found a note from Ameiko’s older brother Tsuto. After giving them the note (in which Tsuto asks Ameiko to meet him at the Glassworks -the business run by her father Lonjiku), Bethana explains her worry about the meeting as she fills them in on a bit of the history of the Kaijitsu family. Bethana is worried that Tsuto is up to no good and with the sheriff out of town, asks the party of adventurers to find out what happened to Ameiko as soon as possible.
At this point the adventurers decide to….

The Adventure begins

In the town of Sandpoint, a few days before the Swallowtail Festival with the mayor Kendra Deverin and the town Sheriff Belor Hemlock, both them and their staff stretched thin with the preparations for the festival, asked for help from three local adventurers; Tobbie, Tanis, and Manchu-fu. Their task; to check on the status of some Dwarven miners who had not been in contact with the city for some time. Unsure of the miners safety and/or their intentions for the use of the mine they operated on the City’s behalf, Sheriff Hemlock temporarily deputized the adventurers in case they found any illegal activity.

After a day’s worth of travel, the adventurers arrived at the mine, and after a very stealthy trip through the mine, fighting monstrous creatures, they found the injured miners and revived them. After the mine had been made safe, they interrogated the miners and were able to determine that they had planned to break their agreement and defraud the city.

Investigation of the mine itself revealed a chamber just past a sealed off tunnel with only enough space to peer into the chamber and reveal it’s grisly contents. Amidst the junk and debris of the chamber they spotted a few woodcarvings of local birds, the hacked up remains of a few people long dead, and an ominous word written on the wall. ‘Stoot’

The adventures travelled back to town, getting there the morning of the festival and delivered the miners to the sheriff and gave their report to Mayor Deverin. After collecting their reward, they mentioned to the mayor what they saw in the chamber and upon hearing the word “Stoot” she muttered something about “The Late Unpleasantness” and quickly excused herself to finish preparations for the festival.

At this point the three adventurers split up. Tobbie, recognizing a few other adventurers in the crowd decides to join them in the Sandpoint Decathlon, while Tanis and Manchu-fu head down to the Sandpoint Garrison in search of more answers. A bit of dialogue with the miners and an extremely diplomatic conversation with the local city guard sees them confide in the adventurers. Piecing together their conversations with the guard over the course of most of the day, provides the story of what people mean when they speak of the The Late Unpleasantness.

Armed with this new information and fearing the worst, they head back to town square to catch the consecration of the new cathedral.

As the two of them return to the square, they ander through the crowd, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. Sensing nothing wrong with the crowd itself, they perch on the tops of two buildings adjacent to the square and watch…

As Father Zantus prepares to give his speech, he uses a Thunderstone to get everyone’s attention. He clears his throat, stands up straight and as he begins to speak, a woman’s scream tears through the silence. Then another scream, and another. Beyond them, a sudden surge of strange new voices rises - high pitched, tittering shrieks that sound not quite human.

The crowd parts and something low to the ground races by, giggling with disturbing glee as the stray dog gives a pained yelp and then collapses with a gurgle, its throat cut open from ear to ear. As blood pools around its head, the raucous sound of a strange song begins, chanted from the shrill scratchy voices.

As the crowd begins panicking and running in all directions, small groups of goblins begin to attack. After defeating a number of goblins, the two adventurers join up with the only other people who seem to be doing anything about this problem. Quickly recognizing their friends from earlier adventures, their group of five trades brief information on what they believe to be happening. As they catch their breath from defeating a dozen or so goblins, they suddenly hear a cry from the north-east say “Help! Please help me! He—”

The party looks at each other and decides to…..

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